Kanga Room Systems Warranty Information

Kanga Room Systems Warranty Information

Kanga Room Systems provides the highest level of quality assurance in the prefabricated wood product industry. With every purchase, customers can rest assured that they are getting an exceptionally built product that is designed to last for many years of enjoyment. Kanga Room Systems offers an industry-leading warranty that covers manufacturer defects and materials on all of their products.

Kanga Room Systems’ warranty includes coverage of materials, workmanship, and applicable industry standards, insuring that customers are fully satisfied with the end results. Customers have the peace of mind that their purchase was made with quality in mind and covered should any issues arise down the road. In addition to this, Kanga Room Systems also offers warranty coverage for any defects in the wood material that may be found within the frame and construction of products for up to 10 years.

Kanga Room Systems also offers a Satisfaction Guarantee for all customers that allows them to return their product in the unlikely event that they are not satisfied with their purchase. This ensures that customers have the following peace of mind: that their product has been built and delivered with the highest quality standards and backed with a warranty that will stand the test of time. For custom and unique projects, the company’s expert technicians are available to assist customers in making the best decision that meets their needs and will ensure the finished product is exactly what it was intended to be.

In addition to the warranties and the satisfaction guarantee, Kanga Room Systems also offers a convenient and simple online ordering system which makes the ordering process a breeze. Customers can be certain that their order will arrive quickly and without any problems.

Ultimately, Kanga Room Systems has worked hard to become one of the most reliable prefabricated wood product companies in the United States and they back this up with an industry-leading warranty. Customers can rest assured that their order is of the highest quality, backed with a satisfaction guarantee, and standing behind them should any issues arise.