Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy Delivery Options

Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy Delivery Options

Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy is a company that offers an extensive selection of sheds and the necessary materials to construct them. They offer a wide variety of shed designs, sizes and features to meet the needs of just about any budget. Along with their selection of sheds and materials, Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy also offers delivery services to get the shed and its accessories straight to your property.

Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy offers delivery services that make it easy for customers to have their shed delivered directly to their location. Delivery is available in most areas, and the company typically works with local delivery companies to ensure that customers have the best possible delivery experience. Delivery options include doorstep delivery, which is for smaller products, or curbside delivery, which is for larger products. For larger items, the customer will be called to schedule an appointment and must be available to assist the driver in unloading the materials. The driver is responsible for bringing the items to the point of delivery and no further.

When it comes to delivery fees, Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy has fair and upfront rates. Customers can find rates by entering their ZIP code at checkout and the fees are calculated based on the order size, product and ZIP code of the delivery address. The company also charges a handling fee which includes the cost of running and maintaining their delivery service. Customers can also opt to pick up their shed and associated materials from their store free of charge, either as a self-pickup or as a send-and-pickup service to have the materials delivered to their property and then picked up again by an assigned staff member.

Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy goes the extra mile to ensuring that customers are happy with their delivery experience. This includes making sure the items are delivered with care, on-time and that their drivers are friendly and professional. The company also offers a tracking service where customers can enter their shipment details online and follow the delivery’s progress from the point of pickup to the customer’s doorstep.

Whether you’re choosing to have your shed and materials delivered to your doorstep or prefer to pick them up from the store, Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy has customer-friendly delivery services that make the process easier. Delivery fees are clearly stated upfront, and the company offers tracking services so customers can keep tabs on their shipment. With Sheds and More | Sheds Made Easy, you’re sure to get the most convenient delivery services to bring your shed right to your property.