MFC Customer Loyalty Program: Learn more about the loyalty program at MFC.

MFC Customer Loyalty Program is an exciting and innovative program that allows customers to reap rewards from the company. This program was created to reward customers at all levels for their loyalty, as a way to thank them for their continued patronage. The program is based on simple yet effective principles—customer spending leads to rewards.

The program is structured such that customers receive points for their purchases, and those points can be redeemed for discounts, special offers and giveaway items. With the loyalty program, customers can create an account and start accruing points from their next purchase. Every point earned is worth a dollar, and customers can receive up to 20 points per purchase. The points are tallied up and stored on the customer’s account, allowing them to quickly take advantage of their rewards.

The goal of the program is to create a more personalized shopping experience for customers. The loyalty program also encourages customers to return and shop with the company more often. The more purchases customers make, the higher rewards they can receive. For example, customers who purchase 10 times within a 12-month period will be eligible to receive 25% off their next order.

The loyalty program also offers customers exclusive offers that aren’t available to non-members. These offers may include free shipping on certain items, discounts on next purchase, promotional gift cards, and even invitations to special events. With MFC's loyalty program, customers can truly enjoy an enhanced shopping experience.

MFC Customer Loyalty Program makes shopping more rewarding and enjoyable. With this reward system, customers can enjoy more savings and better rewards than ever before. So if you’re a frequent customer at MFC, make sure to sign up for the loyalty program to enjoy all of the benefits it has to offer!