Locations of A.R. Lucas Construction Co.'s Office(s)

Locations of A.R. Lucas Construction Co.'s Office(s)

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. is a green-building construction firm that specializes in environmentally conscious custom solutions for new construction and remodels. The company has a variety of locations that are dedicated to helping customers achieve their home improvement and green construction needs.

A.R. Lucas has locations in the Northwest, East Central, Southwest, and Pacific regions of the United States, as well as international offices in Australia and New Zealand. These offices are staffed with experienced professionals who are passionate about green construction and helping customers build a better future.

In the Northwest, the company’s main office is located in Seattle, Washington. This office is conveniently situated close to public transportation, making it easy for customers to meet and discuss construction plans. The office also offers an array of green construction products, such as solar and wind powered systems, to help customers achieve their sustainability goals.

In the East Central region, A.R. Lucas’ office is based near Cincinnati, Ohio. This office prides itself on providing custom green construction services and offering a wide selection of environmentally friendly materials and products. With the help of knowledgeable staff, customers can build the home of their dreams while keeping their carbon footprint low.

In the Southwest, A.R. Lucas’ main office is located in Phoenix, Arizona. This office can work with customers to create green homes using recycled and sustainable materials, as well as develop off-the-grid solutions. Customers can also take advantage of the office’s impressive selection of solar panels and batteries to make their homes truly energy-efficient.

Finally, the Pacific region is home to A.R. Lucas’ office in Los Angeles, California. This office is dedicated to helping customers remodel their homes to improve their energy efficiency and sustainability. This office also specializes in green construction education and can provide resources to help customers understand the process of building a green home.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. also has international offices in Australia and New Zealand, which are dedicated to helping customers build better, more efficient homes. With the support of experienced staff and a commitment to green building practices, A.R. Lucas is sure to make any construction project a success.