Projects Completed by A.R. Lucas Construction Co.

Projects Completed by A.R. Lucas Construction Co.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. is a leading boutique green-building construction firm that specializes in environmentally conscious custom solutions for new constructions and remodels. The business has established a reputation for its expertise in constructing energy-efficient and sustainable buildings, as well as projects that exceed client expectations. A.R. Lucas Construction Co. has completed a range of projects of varying sizes and complexities, from luxury homes and eco-friendly apartment buildings to commercial buildings with state-of-the-art interior designs.

One of the most recent projects completed by A.R. Lucas Construction Co. was the remodel of a high-end condominium in downtown San Francisco. This condo was remodeled with the environment in mind, using natural materials such as bamboo, recycled metal, and sustainably sourced lumber. Green features included high energy-efficiency windows and efficient insulation. The project also involved integrating a rooftop garden and installation of solar panels.

An even more ambitious project was a high-rise apartment building built from the ground up. This building incorporated a vast range of state-of-the-art green features including water-conserving plumbing fixtures, energy-efficient lighting, and a solar-heated pool. The building also had a balcony with a view of the city skyline, allowing residents to enjoy the outdoor environment in style.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. also remodel custom homes for those who are wanting to upgrade their home to be more energy-efficient and green. This might involve full environmental makeovers, such as replacing the roof with a more eco-friendly material or installing rainwater catchment systems. Other less intense remodels may include energy-efficient siding or windows, upgraded insulation, and efficient water fixtures.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. is a highly skilled firm that has created a portfolio of sophisticated and unique projects. Its commitment to understanding each project's unique goals and green mission has led to successful projects that exceed client expectations. Its experienced team of professionals takes great pride in the projects they have completed, and they are eager to assist with your own project to create and maintain environmentally conscious custom solutions.