Types of Construction Provided by A.R. Lucas Construction Co.

Types of Construction Provided by A.R. Lucas Construction Co.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. is a green-building construction firm that specializes in custom solutions for new construction and remodels. They are dedicated to providing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient services that benefit the environment as well as their clients. A.R. Lucas Construction Co. offers a wide range of construction services using a combination of modern practices and traditional materials.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. is experienced in providing a variety of construction solutions for commercial and residential projects. They specialize in custom framing and either wood or steel framing solutions, depending on the needs of their client. A.R. Lucas Construction also provides drywall installation, drywall finishing, and ceiling tile installation services. Their electricians can provide electrical wiring and lighting installation services to bring a home or office to life.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. also offers quality environmental solutions, such as the use of eco-friendly building materials and the installation of solar systems. Additionally, they can construct green roofs and rainwater harvesting systems that reduce a home or office’s environmental impact. A.R. Lucas Construction Co. can also help with the installation of energy-efficient windows and doors as well as furnaces and air conditioners.

Finally, A.R. Lucas Construction Co. provides a wide array of exterior construction services such as landscape design and installation, deck construction, siding installation, and driveways and walkways. Their team can also complete home additions, including garages, storage buildings, and additions of any size or type.

A.R. Lucas Construction Co. strives to provide clients with quality construction services that are also environmentally friendly. Their experienced team specializes in designing and constructing solutions that not only save their clients money but also benefit the environment. They continuously update their practices to ensure customers always receive the highest quality services and products.