What is the history of ESO Construction?

ESO Construction is a full-service contracting and construction management firm that has been serving clients since 1985. Founded by businessman and entrepreneur, Errol Snell, the company has grown from a single office in his hometown of Montreal, Canada to a global provider of construction services.

The company started off in humble fashion. Initially, ESO concentrated on residential services – building homes, churches, and small office buildings in the Montreal area. But Snell’s ambition and work ethic wasn’t content to remain small. He began to build bigger projects and took on more challenging tasks. Soon, the company was servicing commercial and industrial clients throughout Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States.

Seeing potential in larger-scale opportunities, the company invested in an increased presence in the global market. In 1995, ESO opened its first international office in St. Maarten, thus making its mark on the world. Today, the company continues to expand its activities overseas, offering a wide range of services in the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America.

In addition to its international expansion, ESO has kept its commitment to staying true to its original mission of providing high-quality, cost-effective services. By utilizing modern technologies and materials, the company can continue to provide exceptional value to its customers and ensure projects are completed on time and on budget.

In the more than thirty years since its establishment, ESO Construction has established itself as a leader in the global contracting and construction industry. From its roots in Eastern Canada to its current activities around the world, the company has consistently delivered top-notch services, ensuring their clients get the best value and a job that’s done right.