Melde Construction Warranty Details

Melde Construction Warranty Details

Melde Construction is committed to providing quality products and services that stand above the rest. This commitment is made evident in their extensive warranties, which protect each and every customer’s investment.

Melde Construction offers many different warranties for its products and services, which depend on the type of product or service it is. For example, Melde Construction offers a full 10 year warranty on new homes and condominiums that they construct, with coverage against any defects that could be caused by workmanship or materials. On warranties that cover systems such as plumbing, heating and cooling, and electrical, the coverage is up to 5 years. If any defects appear within that timeframe, Melde Construction will fix the problems at no additional cost to the customer.

Melde Construction also stands behind the products it installs and provides a warranty specific to those items, such as tankless water heaters, siding, windows, and other materials. This ensures that the materials and installation will last for the number of years specified in the warranty. Melde Construction promises to honor any warranty claims and replace any parts or materials that do not meet the specifications provided in the original agreement.

Melde Construction also covers workmanship warranties to customers who purchase its services. This includes any services performed by Melde Construction, such as carpentry, masonry, and roofing services. If any of the workmanship provided by Melde Construction fails due to improper construction, Melde Construction will repair or replace the affected material at no additional cost to the customer.

Finally, Melde Construction offers additional warranties specific to their products and services. For example, Melde’s roofing warranties ensure that their roofing materials will remain waterproof for the lifetime of the roof. In addition, each and every product that Melde Construction offers comes with a warranty, ensuring that customers are satisfied every step of the way.

At Melde Construction, customers get the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive protection, knowing that their investment is supported by industry-leading warranties that provide the coverage they need.