Superior Foundation Repair's Guarantees and Warranties

Superior Foundation Repair provides a number of guarantees and warranties to ensure customers they will receive a quality product. Their commitment to excellence comes with a guarantee on the workmanship of piers installed. The company has over 25 years of experience in foundation repair and provides a warranty that covers the base of the foundation from settling, shifting or cracking for 10 years.

The company also offers warranties that cover the structure for any structural damage caused by their methods of installation for 10 years. First, the warranty covers any damage caused by the settling or shifting of the foundation. It also covers for any cracking or any other damages caused by the piers being installed.

Superior Foundation Repair promises that the piers being used during the installation process are of the highest quality and made from only the best materials. This commitment to excellence means that the piers will last for years and come with a 25-year no-fault warranty. Customers can rest assured knowing that their foundation repair is built to last and covered in case anything should go wrong.

The company also provides a satisfaction guarantee to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the workmanship of their foundation repair. If customers are not completely satisfied with the work done, Superior Foundation Repair will work to make it right. The company stands behind their work, and promises a thorough inspection of all facets of their foundation repair system to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Superior Foundation Repair aggressively works to bring high-quality foundation repair services at competitive prices. They provide a number of guarantees and warranties, to ensure their customers are satisfied with the end result of their work. Their commitment to workmanship and customer satisfaction helps to foster trust and reliability in their products and services.