Superior Foundation Repair's Professional Certifications

Superior Foundation Repair offers certified foundation repair services using superior quality piers. The company has a well-earned reputation for providing excellent, cost-effective solutions to homeowners and businesses in the Austin area. As part of their commitment to providing the highest quality results, Superior Foundation Repair has achieved professional certifications in both foundation repair and soil compaction services.

The technicians at Superior Foundation Repair are certified by the Soil and Foundation Engineering Association. This certification is awarded by the Association after technicians pass an in-depth training course on foundation engineering and soil compaction evaluation. To meet the standards of the Association, the technicians must demonstrate skill and knowledge in the safe and effective repair of foundations, walls and structures. Beyond this, technicians must also demonstrate the ability to properly assess and diagnose foundation conditions, and to devise plans for repair.

Superior Foundation Repair technicians are also certified by the American Concrete Institute (ACI). This certification is awarded by the Institute after technicians pass a rigorous examination that tests their knowledge of concrete cement, terminology and mixing. Moreover, the technicians at Superior Foundation Repair must demonstrate their skills in surface preparation, surface coating, and the curing of concrete surfaces. These skills help guarantee that all concrete forms created by Superior Foundation Repair will bond effectively with the soil below, helping to ensure the stability of the foundation.

At Superior Foundation Repair, the technicians take their professional certifications very seriously. They understand that a successful foundation repair involves more than just good materials and construction techniques – it also requires an understanding of the soil beneath the foundation and the best methods to achieve a safe and effective result. As part of their commitment to excellence, the technicians at Superior Foundation Repair are committed to providing the highest quality foundation repair services, based on their knowledge and experience.