Texas Construction Co. Sample Projects: View examples of the work Texas Construction Co. has produced, including photos and cost estimates.

Texas Construction Co. is a preferred general contractor, serving Austin and its surrounding areas, specializing in both major residential renovations and new home construction. The company prides itself on its high-quality work and a knowledgeable, experienced staff.

Texas Construction Co. draws upon a highly talented and experienced team of architects, designers, tradespeople, and craftsmen to create lasting designs and projects tailored to their clients' needs. Utilizing a collaborative approach to each project, Texas Construction Co. ensures that their clients' dreams become reality.

Texas Construction Co. has successfully completed various projects including custom homes, remodels, and additions. A few of their popular projects include a rustic-style production brewery remodel, a full house renovation turning it into a modern vacation rental property, and the completion of a French-style country house near Austin.

Texas Construction Co.'s commitment to quality and their attention to detail is clearly visible in each and every one of their projects. As seen in the photos accompanying each project, each design is unique and offers its own unique charm and character. Additionally, their clients have been extremely pleased with the cost estimates included in each project, as it allows them to plan realistically for the renovations and/or construction that has been performed.

Texas Construction Co. is proud to be Austin's preferred high-quality general contractor. Founded by Royce Flournoy in 1998, the team at Texas Construction Co. has worked tirelessly to provide exceptional quality, value, and superb customer service. View their portfolio of projects to get a sense of their expertise and attention to detail and see if their services are the right fit for your home improvement needs.