Texas Construction Co. Services: Find out more information on the high-end services Texas Construction Co. offers its customers.

Texas Construction Co. offers the premier residential construction, renovation and new home construction services in the Austin area! Established in 1999, Texas Construction Co. has been providing Austin families with the highest quality of residential construction for over two decades. The experienced staff at Texas Construction Co. provides customers with a full range of services, from major renovations to new home construction and design/build projects.

At Texas Construction Co., they believe your home is a special place; made to fulfil your dream and your unique vision. With this in mind, they take their responsibility of creating something beautiful and innovative seriously. They have the skill, experience and resources to design and build your project, with the highest quality materials available and expert craftsmanship. Their staff have worked on hundreds of residential projects ranging in size and complexity, so they have the experience needed to bring your dream project to life.

From minor cosmetic updates to full-scale home renovations, Texas Construction Co. provides customers with the convenience of a full-service general contractor that can take your vision from a mere idea to a reality. From the initial concept and design, to the carefully organized plans, to the comprehensive construction process, Texas Construction Co. has the expertise to make sure everything goes according to plan. With full attention to detail and the use of the highest quality materials, customers can feel confident in the knowledge that the final product will be no less than exceptional.

In addition to renovation and construction, Texas Construction Co. also provides their customers with highly-skilled, in-house designers. With the assistance of their designers and architects, customers are provided the unique opportunity of customizing their home to perfectly match their individual style and flair. If a customer wants to add a new addition to their home, or change a design feature, the staff at Texas Construction Co. will find the perfect combination of function and aesthetics to make the customer's vision a reality.

Texas Construction Co. fully understands how important it is for customers to create the perfect home for their family and lifestyle. Employing the highest standards of excellence, the staff is committed to delivering exceptional quality and customer service. Whether it’s a minor renovation or an entirely new structure, the professionals at Texas Construction Co. make sure that each job is done to perfection. So, if you’re looking for the highest quality of residential construction and renovation services, give Texas Construction Co. a call and start living the Austin Dream today!