Does Bruecher Foundation Offer Any Warranties on Their Foundation Repairs?

Bruecher Foundation is a foundation repair company that has been serving the Austin area for more than 20 years. They are well known for their skilled workmanship, reliable services, and excellent customer service. Bruecher Foundation offers a wide range of foundation repair solutions, including slab, foundation, drainage systems, pier and beam, retaining walls, drywall, and sloping repair. This family-owned and operated company is also known to provide top-notch warranties on many of their services.

Warranties are an important element of any home repair service, as they help protect customers from faulty workmanship or materials. Bruecher Foundation has built their reputation on the quality of their work and guarantying customer satisfaction. That's why the company offers an industry-leading warranty on the majority of their services.

Bruecher Foundation offers a 15-year warranty on Goundspeak pier and beam and soil improvement services, as well as a 14-year warranty for all primary foundation repairs, such as slab and foundation construction. These types of warranties surpass the industry standards and ensure customers will be fully covered in the event of any defects or unsatisfactory performance.

Bruecher Foundation also offers a two-year warranty on all drainage services, such as catch basin repairs, French drains, and leak detection systems. This comprehensive warranty program offers protection against faulty workmanship and any damage that may occur due to a substandard installation.

Bruecher Foundation offers additional warranties on their retaining wall installation services and drywall repair services. The company offers a three-year warranty for all retaining wall services, and a one-year warranty for drywall repair services. These warranties help customers remain confident in the quality and reliability of Bruecher Foundation's services.

When it comes to foundation repair services, Bruecher Foundation takes pride in their commitment to customer satisfaction. As part of their commitment, the company offers numerous warranties on their various repair services. Customers can rest assured that any repairs they have performed by Bruecher Foundation will be covered by a high-quality warranty.