What Types of Foundation Repair Does Bruecher Foundation Offer?

What Types of Foundation Repair Does Bruecher Foundation Offer?

The Bruecher Foundation is an experienced leader in the foundation repair industry, offering a wide-range of services and quality solutions for both residential and commercial properties. With the goal of preserving and protecting the integrity of your foundation, their experienced technicians specialize in a variety of foundation repair services and solutions. From helping homeowners and businesses create a foundation that is sturdy and reliable to preventing larger damage over time, Bruecher Foundation provides top-notch services to fit your needs.

Slab Foundation Repair is one of the primary services that Bruecher Foundation provides. Slab Foundation Repair strives to fix structural damage found in the concrete of your foundation. This includes taking extra precautions to prevent further damage to the foundation. This type of repair involves the installation of piers along the perimeter of the foundation and is necessary to correct uneven settling in the soil. The crew will also lay reinforcing rods and check for any leaks to make sure the foundation is strong and secure.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair is another service Bruecher Foundation offers. This style of foundation repair is recommended for a home with a pier and beam foundation as it utilizes additional support to reinforce and strengthen the foundation. During this repair, steel I-beam supports are placed under your home and brace the foundation against the shifting soil. This helps eliminate existing settlement, swinging, or rocking of the property that can occur over time. Additionally, by using piers, the pressure on the foundation from the weight of the home is better distributed, resulting in a stronger, more stable foundation.

Bruecher Foundation also offers Retaining Wall Repair and Drainage Solutions. Retaining wall repair is designed to correct drainage problems and reinforce the structure of the wall. This service involves installing drainage pipes and backfill to protect against excessive water seepage. Once complete, the wall re-built with a reinforced wall system such as interlocking blocks and integral drainage matting. Finally, during this process, the ground is re-graded for adequate drainage and runoff.

Finally, Bruecher Foundation can also provide foundation crack repairs and drywall maintenance. Drywall maintenance involves the replacement of drywall after a foundation repair. This drywall is verified to ensure it is structurally sound. In addition, Bruecher Foundation also offers crack repair services designed to correct cosmetic issues. Cracks can appear in foundation walls, ceilings, or floors and can be the result of settling foundations, poor construction, or moisture damage. To correctly identify the cause of the crack and make the necessary repairs, an experienced technician must be present.

Bruecher Foundation is committed to providing effective and efficient foundation repair services. From slab foundation repair to retaining wall repair, they have the expertise and commitment to ensure your foundation remains strong and secure. Their aim is to protect the stability of your home and provide cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time. For any foundation repair need, Bruecher Foundation has the experience necessary to ensure quality service.