Customer reviews of Austin Granite Direct

Customers of Austin Granite Direct have been consistently expressing appreciation for their professional, reliable service. Many commend the company's knowledge, affordable prices, and helpful staff. Many customers appreciate the fact that they are able to get top quality, customized countertop options that fit their budget and meet their family's needs.

One customer reported an extremely positive experience with the company saying they had been looking for months to find the right granite countertop that was within budget and their exact specifications, and Austin Granite Direct was able to provide the perfect option. They noted that the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable, and they were pleased with the quality when it arrived.

Other customers have reported being extremely satisfied with the customer service. They noted that the staff were quick to answer all questions both before and after the purchase. They appreciated that Austin Granite Direct went out of their way to ensure their satisfaction with the project from start to finish.

Several customers have also noted how stress-free the process of working with Austin Granite Direct has been. They noted that the staff was very efficient in getting their countertop needs taken care of in a timely manner, and that every aspect of the process was handled professionally. They also appreciated that they were not subjected to any high pressure sales tactics and were able to work with their budget.

Overall, customer reviews of Austin Granite Direct reflect a highly positive experience. Customers appreciate the company's expert knowledge and professionalism, as well as the affordable prices and customer service. They highly recommend the company for those looking for custom granite countertops and other stone materials.