The types of materials Austin Granite Direct offers

Austin Granite Direct is a leading countertop fabrication company that works with a wide variety of materials in Austin, Texas. They have established a reputation for quality products and excellent customer service over the years. From granite and marble to quartz, silestone, caesarstone, metro quartz, LG Hauss Viatera, Vicostone, Cambria, Neolith, Dekton and more, Austin Granite Direct offers a range of high-quality materials to create beautiful, custom countertops.

Granite countertops are perhaps the most popular choice, with varied colors and unique patterning. Granite is highly durable and can withstand excessive heat, making it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops. Marble is another popular material thanks to its sleek and elegant look. Quartz is an engineered stone that is both resistant to heat and easy to maintain. Silestone, caesarstone, and metro quartz are some of the other choices for countertops, each with their own distinct look and feel.

LG Hauss Viatera is an ultra-durable, non-porous surface made from natural quartz. This material is ideal for high-traffic areas, as it has exceptional scratch- and stain-resistance. Vicostone is an environmentally-friendly product made from natural quartz and enhanced polymer resins, creating a beautiful and elegant look. Cambria is a unique stone surface containing 94 percent natural quartz, producing beautiful countertops with a luxurious look and feel. Neolith is another quartz-based product, with a polished finish that looks similar to granite or marble. Finally, Dekton is an incredibly strong material ideal for outdoor areas, with a variety of eye-catching styles and finishes.

Austin Granite Direct offers a wide array of materials and countertop fabrication services. Their experienced team of professionals can help guide customers through the process of choosing the right material and creating the perfect countertop. With many years of experience in the industry, Austin Granite Direct has established itself as one of the premier countertop fabrication companies in Austin.