Customer Case Studies from Catalyst Construction in Austin, TX

Customer Case Studies from Catalyst Construction in Austin, TX

Catalyst Construction in Austin, Texas has a long track record of customer satisfaction and has become known as the go-to remodeling contractor in the area for any kind of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. They specialize in high-end finishes by utilizing modern architecture and contemporary home design, as well as mid-century modern design. This combination of experienced professionals and modern design elements has earned them customer trust, which is evident in the customer case studies presented on the Catalyst Construction website.

Case studies are ideal for demonstrating the type of work Catalyst Construction has completed in the past. Some of the recent case studies include a bathroom remodel for a single mother who had a limited budget. The small project included installing a new vanity, a new shower, and updating the wall tile and flooring. The team at Catalyst Construction was able to pull off the project while staying within the customer's allotted budget, giving her an updated and stylish bathroom that has become the envy of the neighborhood.

In addition to highlighting remodeling in the customer's budget, Catalyst Construction also specializes in high-end remodels and renovations. This was demonstrated in a large-scale kitchen remodel for a family of four. The family wanted to update their outdated kitchen but also add in modern elements. The resulting transformation was remarkable as the Catalyst Construction team added in new cabinetry and countertops, as well as updated stainless steel appliances. They also included a new kitchen island with a built-in range and a modern backsplash to really take the kitchen to the next level.

Finally, Catalyst Construction also offers customers a range of custom specialty remodel and renovation services. This was most recently seen in a mid-century modern house that had an old kitchen and bathroom that needed to be updated. The team was able to modernize the kitchen with updated cabinetry and countertops and also installed new hardwood floors and polished concrete floors in the common areas. The mid-century modern kitchen was then rounded out with a dramatic, high-end marble backsplash that made the space an instant classic.

Whether it is a small bathroom remodel for those of limited budget or a high-end kitchen renovation, it is clear that Catalyst Construction in Austin, Texas has all of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs covered. With experienced professionals and modern design elements, Catalyst Construction offers reliable, quality work and is happy to discuss a remodeling project with you. Check out the customer case studies on the Catalyst Construction website to get more information and inspiration for your own dream project.