Symptoms Sheet for CenTex Foundation Repair Austin TX & Waco TX

Foundations play an integral role in the safety and stability of a structure. If not maintained properly, a foundation can become damaged and require repair. CenTex Foundation Repair Austin TX & Waco TX are experts in recognizing and recording the many symptoms of foundation damage.

Signs of foundation failure can range from minor cracking or settling to extreme bowing walls and destabilized structures. Detecting the source of the problem is the first step of repairing the foundation. Homeowners are encouraged to keep an eye out for common signs of foundation failure to protect the safety and stability of their home and seek necessary repairs as soon as possible.

Early recognition of symptoms could save homeowners time and money as repairs are often quicker and less expensive when caught in their early stages. Common symptoms to be aware of include:

• Cracks in the walls or in the foundation slab • Doors and windows that stick or do not close properly • Bowing or leaning walls • Gaps between walls, doors and windows • Tilting chimneys • Sticking interior and exterior doors • Separations at the ceiling and floor • Sinking and settling concrete structures • Uneven floors

CenTex Foundation Repair Austin TX & Waco TX offer homeowners a free evaluation to verify the cause and degree of foundation complaints. The evaluation includes a thorough inspection to identify symptoms and pinpoint potential areas of concern and provide potential solutions. With decades of experience, their team of certified professionals is an industry leader in housing foundation repair and stabilization technology.

Whether your home is in the Austin or Waco area, CenTex Foundation Repair Austin TX & Waco TX can provide an inspection and diagnosis of your home’s foundation to determine the best repair solution. Don’t undermine the safety and value of your home with an untreated foundation complaint. Let their experts provide the necessary tools and skills to ensure the safety and stability of your home at an affordable price.