Gray Renovation Accreditations – Learn what certifications and credentials they hold.

Gray Renovation Accreditations – Learn what certifications and credentials they hold.

Gray Renovation is an experienced and highly-qualified home remodeling and construction company based in the Greater Chicago Area. With over 20 years in the industry, Gray Renovation has been recognized as a one of the leading companies providing efficient and quality services for homes of all sizes in the Greater Chicago Area.

The company is certified by the Better Business Bureau and is also a member of the National Association of Home Builders and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. As a recognized provider, they are also authorized to use certain manufacturer warranties to guarantee the construction standards they provide with every job. Gray Renovation is one of only a handful of home construction and remodeling companies in the Greater Chicago Area that has achieved such certifications.

An additional highlight of the services provided by Gray Renovation is their attention to detail in compliance with local and state building codes, as well as the Uniform Building Code and the International Building Code. Because of their expertise and commitment to professionalism, Gray Renovation is a trusted partner for older home renovation and remodeling projects in the Greater Chicago Area. With the knowledge and experience to provide for the most common building projects to the most complicated of renovations, it is easy to see why Gray Renovation is the local leader in providing safe and reliable construction services.

What's more, Gray Renovation also provides a variety of other services that can help homeowners and property owners save money on home repair costs. As a certified green builder in the Chicago area, they use knowledge to create sensible, energy-saving solutions that clients can take advantage of. Gray Renovation is proud to provide solutions to lower utility costs while also delivering quality craftsmanship and customer service.

As a Big Fresh Media client, Gray Renovation is the ideal provider for building maintenance and renovations on homes located in the Greater Chicago Area. With their impressive list of accreditations, it is clear that Gray Renovation is a company that homeowners and property owners can trust. From initial design and consultation to construction and completion, their expertise is guaranteed to make every project a success.