Handychicks Business History and Background

Handychicks is a business that has been providing professional home improvement services since the launch of its website in 2019. Based in London, UK, the business has grown to cover all aspects of home renovation, from basic maintenance work to full-scale remodels. With an ever-growing team of experienced professionals, they provide a comprehensive range of services from carpentry and electrical work to custom painting and furniture assembly. Handychicks recognizes the value of home improvement and specializes in making sure each project is completed to the highest of standards.

With years of experience in the construction and renovation industry, the team at Handychicks draw upon their vast knowledge to advise on the best materials and techniques to complete any job. With attention to detail to ensure each job goes as smoothly as possible, their knowledge and expertise speak for itself. Whether it's painting the kitchen cabinets or installing a new ceiling, Handychicks take pride in their projects and are always mindful of their customers' wishes and budgets.

For Handychicks, customer service is paramount, and this echoes through the entire experience. They manage every project with care and attention, taking the time to consult with clients on their vision and providing expert advice. Whether they hire Handychicks for a single job or a full-scale renovation, customers can trust that their time, money and efforts are invested in the best possible service.

At Handychicks, they strive to provide each customer with an unforgettable experience. In the years since the business’ launch, the dedicated team at Handychicks have created countless homes for their clients that embody the perfect combination of form and function. From start to finish, Handychicks’ team of craftsmen and artisans are on hand to bring each project to life, making sure every customer gets the home of their dreams.