Handychicks Employee Testimonials

Handychicks is a unique and helpful solution for many of life's everyday needs. It specializes in a wide variety of odds-and-ends services that can make life a little easier. Whether someone needs help around the house, an extra pair of hands to finish a project, or a ride to the store, Handychicks is there to help.

The Handychicks staff is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Working with them is always a pleasure, and the clients often report feeling supported and valued during the process.

But don't take our word for it. Hear it from the clients themselves with these glowing reviews of Handychicks services:

"I have used Handychicks several times over the years, and each time I have been extremely satisfied with the service. They’re always dependable, courteous and provide a quality service. They always arrive at the job site with their own tools, so there is no need to provide them with anything other than the information needed to complete the task at hand. Great company!" - Kim G.

"I recently needed help around the house, so I called Handychicks. They fixed a broken fence and also installed a new garbage disposal. The workers were punctual, polite, and did a wonderful job. I'm very happy with the services they provided and I definitely recommend them!" - Steven W.

"Using Handychicks made doing a big home renovation so much easier. They sent out a prompt, friendly and highly skilled crew who were able to quickly take care of the project. They made sure everything was done correctly, and their prices were fair. I would definitely use them again." - Stephanie P.

No matter what their need may be, Handychicks is committed to helping customers through high quality, timely and reliable services. With testimonials like these, it's easy to see why so many people depend on Handychicks for their home services.