Hoops ATX Construction and Installation Process - Learn more about the process Hoops ATX goes through in order to build and install their basketball courts and goals.

Hoops ATX is one of the leading providers of basketball court construction and installation services in central Texas. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Hoops ATX can be trusted to deliver quality court and goal systems to homes and businesses around the Austin area.

The Hoops ATX construction and installation process is simple and efficient. It all starts with a free quote and a free on-site estimate to make sure the job is done properly. After that, a professional crew of experienced workers arrives to begin the court or goal installation. During the process, they will remove existing surfacing, if necessary, and haul away debris, if necessary. Then, a sub base is prepared and a leveling layer is added if the surface is uneven. Finally, the new surface is installed and any necessary details or features are added, such as striping, finishes, or custom features.

In addition to meeting all local codes and standards for construction and installation, Hoops ATX also offers a variety of warranties and guarantees to help ensure customer satisfaction. After installation is complete, Hoops ATX offers customers a five-year warranty that covers workmanship and materials. They also offer a satisfaction guarantee for two seasons, which means customers can expect their court or goal to remain in excellent condition for two years. Furthermore, Hoops ATX provides ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure that their courts and goals remain in great condition for years to come.

For basketball players and hoop fans in the Austin area, Hoops ATX has been the go-to destination for quality court and goal construction and installation services. With their experienced team, attention to detail, and quality customer service, Hoops ATX can guarantee excellent construction and installation standards every time.