Quality of Materials Used by Hoops ATX - Understand more about the materials used in the construction of the basketball courts and goals, as well as their quality standards.

Hoops ATX is the leading provider of basketball courts and goals in the Austin, Texas area. As experts in their field, they understand the importance of using the highest quality materials in the construction of their courts and goals. At Hoops ATX they take great pride in selecting the best building materials and components that will stand the test of time.

When it comes to court construction, Hoops ATX uses only the finest materials to ensure the desired performance and longevity of their courts and goals. This includes the highest quality polyurethane pavement and cushioned indoor sports foam that does not degrade over time, giving players a comfortable and exciting playing surface. They also use a polyurethane interlocking tile system for outside court installations that protects the court from water damage and provides excellent drainage.

Hoops ATX's goals are made from a variety of materials that include welded stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. They choose only the highest quality materials to ensure the goal posts are able to withstand outdoor use and weathering. They also use an extended pole system with a thick stainless steel sleeve that goes into the concrete ground base to provide secure installation and greater stability.

In order to ensure the highest quality of construction and materials, all of Hoops ATX's courts and goals are built and inspected by experienced professionals. This includes detailed design and layout plans, with drawings and images of the court or goal before installation to ensure accuracy. They also make use of updated technology, such as flatwork laser measurements and railing systems, in order to ensure precision and alignment.

At Hoops ATX they take great care in constructing the highest quality basketball court and goals. With their commitment to using the best materials, detailed layout plans, and experienced professionals on the job, you can rest assured your court or goal will perform to your highest expectations.