What are Innovative Finishes Inc's contact details?

Innovative Finishes Inc. is a full-service provider of finishing and refinishing services for furniture, cabinetry, and other products located in White Oak, Ohio. They offer a wide range of finishes and refinishing services, including furniture stripping, staining, bleaching, lacquering, French polishing, glazing, and more. They specialize in antique furniture restoration, but also offer complete custom color matching services.

Innovative Finishes Inc. prides itself on offering high-quality finishing services at competitive prices. They take pride in always meeting their customers’ expectations for beautiful and long-lasting results.

If you would like to contact Innovative Finishes Inc., you can do so in several ways. Their main address is: 1840 West Park Drive, White Oak, OH 45239. Their email address is [email protected], and their telephone number is (513) 729-5678.

Innovative Finishes Inc. also has an official website which provides more information about the services they offer. On the website, you can browse the portfolio of finished products, contact the team to ask questions, and request a quote for the services you need.

In addition, Innovative Finishes Inc. has an active presence on social media, with accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Connecting with them through these platforms is an excellent way to stay up to date on their latest projects, news, and promotions.

Innovative Finishes Inc. is committed to providing the best finishing services possible. Whether you need a job done quickly or meticulously, you can always expect top-notch results when you work with them.