What kind of project experience has Innovative Finishes Inc completed?

Innovative Finishes Inc is a full-service finishing and coating company with extensive experience providing superior quality services on all types of projects. All of their services come with professional and reliable results, utilizing only the most advanced technology and innovative methods available. They specialize in all types of finishing and coating applications, including: industrial, commercial, residential and marine applications.

Innovative Finishes Inc has a vast portfolio of projects, spanning across all types of industries. Some of their most notable work includes: industrial line striping, anti-slip coatings and floor coatings, automotive paint refinishing and marine coatings. As well, they are highly experienced in finishing and coating marine vessels, trailers, recreational vehicles, restaurant equipment, and a wide variety of other commercial and residential projects.

Innovative Finishes Inc also provides specialized services such as custom color blending, high performance coatings, corrosion protection, furniture and fixtures, and more. As well they can perform a variety of sandblasting and polishing services, including the restoration of natural stone, wood and concrete surfaces. Whether it's an industrial complex, an industrial tank, a residential driveway, a power plant, or any other kind of project- Innovative Finishes Inc has the experience and capabilities to finish the job.

In addition to their finishing and coating services, Innovative Finishes Inc also offers a comprehensive range of services related to machinery restoration, marine craft restoration and collision repair. They are highly skilled in fine-touching and detailed repairs, providing an expert finish and touch-up to any custom project.

For all of its clients, Innovative Finishes Inc has a commitment to use the highest quality of materials available to ensure the best finishes and coatings. This ensures that their clients can achieve the best possible results with their projects. The company is constantly innovating and adapting their services to better serve the needs of their customers, providing superior results and superior customer service.