HomeNEW Warranty - What Warranty Does HomeNEW Offer?

HomeNEW is proud to offer an unbeatable warranty on all of their construction projects. As a company based in the Hills of Lakeway, HomeNEW offers a unique collection of services that provide customers with the peace of mind they need when building a home, pool, or outdoor living space. HomeNEW is known for their impressive constructions and they stand behind their projects with a comprehensive warranty.

HomeNEW's comprehensive warranty ensures that any problems that arise in their constructions are addressed quickly and effectively. The warranty covers all structural defects for 10 years, along with any electrical, plumbing, and heating issues for 2 years. This coverage lasts for the entire lifespan of the project and ensures that customers are never stuck with unexpected repair costs.

HomeNEW is devoted to providing their customers with the best service possible and their comprehensive warranty reflects this commitment to excellence. For any project, customers can expect a warranty that covers everything from the foundation to the roofing. This allows them to move into their homes with peace of mind knowing that any issues that arise will be taken care of in a timely manner.

For any customer considering a construction project, HomeNEW is an excellent choice. Their impressive portfolio speaks to the quality of their constructions and their comprehensive warranty reflects the trust they have in their work. HomeNEW is known for their on budget, on time, no surprise policy and their warranty backs up that promise.