Windows and Wood Window Screens Crafted by Red River Restorations

Windows and Wood Window Screens Crafted by Red River Restorations

Windows have often been seen as a symbol of habitation, capable of both providing a functional link between the outside world and the interior of a building, and, with the inclusion of custom design and detailing, can become a statement piece of craftsmanship. Red River Restorations, one of the leading manufacturers of historic window restoration and custom build pieces, offers homeowners, building renovators and preservationists a selection of windows and wood window screens to suit any style and home.

The company guarantees results that “bring out the character of a building”, using years of experience, reliable materials and a carefully planned workflow to create high-quality products that retain the historic charm of any historic building for years to come. In the realm of custom crafted screens, Red River Restoration offers windows crafted from the finest wooden materials, available natural woods and contemporary materials.

To ensure safety and durability, all windows crafted by Red River Restorations are crafted to meet the highest of standards, from hardwoods with unmatched craftsmanship. Whether it be a custom double hung window crafted from white oak, a pre-existing arch top window restored to its original luster or a single hung window, the results will be sure to impress.

In addition to windows, Red River Restorations can craft wood window screens to match. All wood window screens are made using traditional woodworking techniques, allowing for a hand-crafted finish that accentuates the natural beauty of the wood. The screened is made to fit the exact specifications of the window, to create an ideal fit and a screen that is designed to protect and endure the elements.

At Red River Restorations, the goal is to help restore the past, protect the present and craft the future. The results of their efforts will not only last many years, but also bring out the beauty and character of your home. With windows and wood window screens crafted with skill and expertise from the industry leader, you can trust the results will speak for themselves.