Reconnect Your Domain | What is the Domain Renewal Cost

When it comes to domain renewal costs, Wix makes it easy to understand what is expected of you. Domain names with Wix are renewed on an annual basis and the cost of this renewal is usually shared between the customer and the domain registrar. The specific price of the domain varies depending on the registrar you use.

While some registrars can set domain pricing, Wix sets all domain prices in accordance with the two-part renewal price model. This consists of a registration price and a renewal price. The registration price covers the cost of registering a domain for the first time, which is typically more expensive than the annual renewal cost. The annual renewal cost is the cost that customers will be charged each year to keep the domain name active.

When a customer decides to reconnect their domain with Wix, they will incur the renewal cost of the domain. This cost is typically much lower than the registration cost, ranging from $9.99-$39.99 for the year depending on the registrar. Additionally, customers will be given the choice to add a privacy assurance feature to their domain for an extra fee. This feature serves to keep your contact information secure while your domain is registered.

At Wix, we strive to offer customers the best value when it comes to domain renewal costs by offering competitive domain prices. By using an experienced registrar and providing transparent pricing that are in line with industry standards, Wix makes sure that the domain renewal cost is easy to understand and affordable.

At the end of the day, the price of domain renewal is relatively inexpensive and very much worth it in the long run. Wix offers a wide range of services and help to make sure that your domain gets connected to your website and has the best possible visibility and SEO rankings. This makes having a domain name invaluable and the renewal cost well worth the investment.