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Painting by Cliff is an incredible independent art business owned and operated by a single artist: Cliff Winslow. Primarily a painter, Cliff has created works of art that can be found throughout the United States, from the walls of galleries to the doors of private homes. Cliff's art expertise ranges widely, from urban street art to classic and modern landscapes.

To keep up with the latest news, artwork, and offers from Painting by Cliff, make sure to follow along on social media. Utilizing the power of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, Cliff is able to share his news and exclusive deals with his customers. The interesting content found on all three of these platforms gives followers a look into the projects that Cliff is currently working on.

A great regular feature on Cliff's social media pages are posts highlighting some of his greatest accomplishments, including the most recent works he has completed, awards and recognition he has achieved, and any upcoming exhibitions. Following along on social media also allows fans to be the first to know about new artwork. On Instagram, followers can preview his newest pieces before they are completed and even get sneak peeks at works in progress.

Another benefit of following Painting by Cliff on social media is the various offers and discounts that are available. By liking the pages and sharing posts, fans will be eligible for either a coupon to use towards a future purchase or an exclusive deal on a past work. Joining in on the discussion will also stimulate a response from Cliff himself. It's always a pleasure for him to hear what followers think of his work and social media engagements.

By staying connected to Painting by Cliff's social media, customers can stay on top of his latest news and artworks, receive exclusive offers and discounts, and show off their own knowledge of his work. Don't miss out on any of the fun, follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram today!